April 25, 2013

#33 Alice Leonz & Ronggowisnu Prihadi

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We visited with two wonderful people from Indonesia, Alice and Ron, who are complete darlings! We loved talking and laughing with them so much!

April 18, 2013

#32 Sharliza Jelita

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We are so excited this week to have as our special guest the fabulous Sharliza Jelita from Singapore who is now residing in London!

April 11, 2013

#31 ThE AsSocIaTIoN

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This week we are so pleased to meet and talk with the one and only Eric Roulston, known to many as The Association. 

April 04, 2013

#30 spectrum_one

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This week we are so happy to be able to visit our friend Darren Chilton from Canada who now lives in Japan.  Darren has a wonderful life that’s been filled with music since before he was born.