November 29, 2012

#17 Jonny Cooke

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Inspiration for a song can come at any time in our lives, even starting on a morning when we aren’t feeling so good.

November 22, 2012

#16 OneVision CrossWorlds

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Some people speak with words, and others speak through their music. John Styles, known as OneVision CrossWorlds is a person who speaks through his music.

November 15, 2012

#15 S2a Recordings II

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What’s that we can see peeking out of that loud and aggressive music? A good heart and a man who is not afraid to speak his mind, and this makes for a great discussion!

November 08, 2012

#14 S2a Recordings I

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You will surely remember Clive, known to many of us as s2aRecordings / Extinction of the New Dinosaurs when you listen to his intense music and also take in the meaning of the words to his songs!

November 01, 2012

#13 Barclaybunch II

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In Part II of our interview with David Barclay, the man who is the Barclaybunch, we continued our lively discussion into the thoughts of our life here and the life eternal.