July 26, 2013

#43 Riny Raijmakers

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To The Netherlands again we go, this time to talk with a wonderful songwriter, Riny Raijmakers.

July 19, 2013

#42 David W O'Connell

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What a lovely conversation we had with our special guest, David O’Connell coming to us from Derby, Britain.

July 11, 2013

#41 Padruna

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What a delight today to visit beautiful Switzerland and talk with the lovely and talented Padruna! 

July 05, 2013

#40 - Lee >>> Lucas

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We were so pleased today to finally get to meet face to face and talk with, Lee Lucas, our faithful and talented friend!  Lee is a very thoughtful person who is a great inspiration and support to so many of the artists on SoundCloud.