April 12, 2014

#59 tonybluestone

So excited to have a really great conversation with our friend Tony Pappas known as Tony Bluestone on SoundCloud!
He comes to us from Detroit, Michigan here in the USA and unbelieveably we’ve had the most difficult time with internet connections trying to talk with him!  We’ve tried on so many Saturdays and were just about ready to give up when we prayed and the Lord let it happen!  Tony tells us how he wants to relate to all the artists out there and to realize that we are all part of this life and to get involved because what we do does matter!  Tony says there is joy and we can find it and realize that what we do really means something.  Tony says that music is a tool to help people stay connected and we can help change people’s lives in a positive way.

Interview 29/03/2014 – Where Do We Go by tonybluestone
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Lead Scripture:
Proverbs 16:9
The mind of man plans his way, But the LORD directs his steps.
There is a path for each of us and the Lord will direct our steps and we can trust Him.


Well I have seen this place
Think we played here before my friends
But where have I gone

Played so many towns
Somehow we lost our way
So where do we go from here

Where do we go, Where do we go
Sometimes it is not so clear
Where do we go, How did I get here
Oh, Oh Where do we go

Miss that old dusty room
Seems we went our separate ways
But lord that old six string
Needs to play oh Needs to play

Where do we go, Where do we go
Sometimes it is not so clear
Where do we go, How did I get here
Oh Yea

I see your back in town
I can tell by the look in your eye
You didn’t come here to talk
You came to play
Play that six string son

Where do we go, Where do we go
Sometimes it is not so clear Yea
Where do we go, Where do we go
Sometimes its not so clear
Yea well, well, well Where do we go

Scriptures from Interview:
Psalm 29:3
“The voice of the LORD is upon the waters: the God of glory thunders: the LORD is upon many waters.”
God is bigger than the oceans.  His voice is louder and more powerful than the thunders he has created. God is not bound by space.  He is everywhere.  All of creation is here and continues even in the midst of the things of our lives, even in the midst of our pain.  There is a purpose for the pain that we may not know until the Lord reveals it to us.  Until then we just need to trust that all things have a purpose and circumstances will get better and change.

Jeremiah 10:23
I know, O LORD, that a man’s way is not in himself,
Nor is it in a man who walks to direct his steps.
The Lord directs our steps.  Sometimes we just have to trust where we are going to go

Psalm 25:15
“Mine eyes are ever toward the LORD; for he shall pluck my feet out of the net..”
Always look to God.  He is the One who loves us and saves us.

Psalm 27:1
“1 The LORD is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the LORD is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?.”
We can face everything in life and not fear when we walk with and trust the Lord.

Deuteronomy 32:10
He found them in a desert land,
in an empty, howling wasteland.
He surrounded them and watched over them;
he guarded them as his most precious possession.
Like an eagle that rouses her chicks
and hovers over her young,
so he spread his wings to take them in
and carried them aloft on his pinions.
The LORD alone guided them;
they lived without any foreign gods.
Lord never forsakes us in any deserted situation we land up due to our own mistakes.

Genesis 4:8
Later Cain suggested to his brother, Abel, “Let’s go out into the fields.” And while they were there, Cain attacked and killed his brother.
The innocence has lost long ago in all of us. And Ego, selfishness and love of self has grown inside of us.

1 John 3:11
This is the message we have heard from the beginning: We should love one another. We must not be like Cain, who belonged to the evil one and killed his brother
Lets start loving one another what Jesus taught us through His life.

Hebrews 12:24
You have come to Jesus, the one who mediates the new covenant between God and people, and to the sprinkled blood, which graciously forgives instead of crying out for vengeance as the blood of Abel did.
Lets start spreading love by first step of forgiving one another.

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