January 03, 2013

#22 Highlights 2012 (Year in Review)

Here is a walk in the memory lane of “Treasure Vessels 2012”

Year in Review 2012
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John 3:16-17
“For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life. God did not send his Son into the world to condemn it, but to save it.

Mark 16:15
And then he told them, “Go into the world and spread the Good News to everyone, everywhere.

Episode 01Artist - Martin L (Weimar, Germany), Song: Love cant be a sin
Episode 02Artist - Anmafean (Lisbon, Portugal), Song: The perception of Gaze direction
Episode 03: Artist - Thomas Mancine (New York, USA), Song: All you wanted was me
Episode 04: Artist - Coed Flello (Taunton, Britain), Song: Diamond smiles
Episode 05: Artist - Mr Dodo (Britain, UK), Song: Rent a tyrant
Episode 06: Artist - 2econd Avenue (Miami, USA), Song: Crazy (Loco Insane)
Episode 07: Artist - Oorlab-Pleudoniem (The Netherlands), Song: Rain has come
Episode 08: Artist - Shauna-Kay Hamilton (Kingston, Jamaica), Song: What is Is!!
Episode 09: Artist - Sandman's Orchestra (Lille, France), Song: You won't be lost
Episode 10: Artist - 0mnijess (Philadelphia, USA), Song: Call again
Episode 11: Artist - GnetSound (Philippines), Song: Such grace
Episode 12: Artist - Barclaybunch I (Newport, Britain), Song: When you know you will be gone
Episode 13: Artist - Barclaybunch II (Newport, Britain), Song: When you know you will be gone
Episode 14: Artist - S2a Recordings I (Britain, UK), Song: Broken down
Episode 15: Artist - S2a Recordings II (Britain, UK), Song: Broken down
Episode 16: Artist - OneVision CrossWorlds (Almere, Netherlands),
                             Song: Is this the world we are living in!!
Episode 17: Artist - Jonny Cooke (Ireland), Song: World we know
Episode 18: Artist - Henrique Pirai I (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), Song: AP - Dub
Episode 19: Artist - Henrique Pirai II (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), Song: AP - Dub
Episode 20Artists - Christmas Special 2012 Alica (Slovakia) 
                                                                     David Barclay (United Kingdom)
                                                                     Jonny Cooke (United Kingdom)
                                                                     Martin L (Germany)                               
Episode 21: Artist - Vlad Josephson (Sydney, Australia), Song: Dandelion touch

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